From Green to Black on the Slopes of Breck

Breckenridge is a haven for ski and snowboard enthusiasts, and when you are staying at Lodge by The Blue this season, you will be close to all the action.

Whether you are new to sliding down the slopes, or prefer your trail as black as your morning coffee, these are some exhilarating trails to try out.

Beginners (Green Circles)

While Breckenridge may be known for challenging winter sports terrain, roughly 11 percent of its trails are dedicated to novices. When you are new to the exciting world of skiing or snowboarding, you will likely spend most of your time on Peak 8 or 9.

Peak 8

The Springmeier trail can be reached two ways. Either take the Colorado SuperChair and traverse a slow-going intermediate area, after which you will reach the beginner part. Or you can take the 5 Chair lift and immediately start at the beginner section of the Springmeier. This trail is designated as a family zone, which means you can expect a slower pace.

The Lower 4 O’Clock is the green section of the 3.5 mile 4 O’Clock run. It starts out as an advanced trail, then turns in to intermediate, and takes you all the way to town as a beginner run. As a bonus you will get beautiful views on your way down, and you can dream about starting higher up on this trail one day.

Peak 9

Take the QuickSilver SuperChair to TenMile Station, and make your way down Peak 9 on the Lower Lehman or Red Rover. Both trails share the same starting point, but Red Rover will veer to the left, where Lower Lehman will follow the edge of Peak 10. If you like to take it slow, then Silverthorne might be a good trail for you. It also has wide spaces that allow you to practice turns and stops.

Intermediates (Blue Squares)

If you are a little more confident navigating the snow with your gear, then you will find that Peaks 6, 7, 8 and 9 have many trails to choose from.

Peak 6

After taking the Kensho SuperChair, let your mood change from Bliss to Euphoria to Delirium. These runs will have you whizz down the mountain all the way to the base of Peak 6.

Peak 7/8

You can reach Claimjumper by taking the Independence SuperChair. A favorite with many riders and skiers due to its well-groomed terrain with varying speeds, and stunning views of the surrounding area. You can finish your run at the base of Peak 7 or 8.

Peak 8

For a slightly more challenging run, consider Crescendo. This trail is one of the few intermediate bumpy slopes. It will test your turns, as well as your quads.

Peak 9

Take the Mercury SuperChair to Upper Lehman and enjoy the peaceful ride down. The little ones will have fun with the natural jumps on the side of the trail.

Experts (Black Diamonds)

With about 58 percent of Breckenridge’s 187 trails dedicated to experts, daredevils and thrill seekers will have a field day at the top of most peaks.

Peak 6

The Beyond Bowl is a hike-to-terrain double black option with magnificent scenery. If you have time to look around that is.

Peak 7

Ore Bucket will give you a back-country experience with plenty of fresh snow.

Peak 8

Hop on the Horseshoe Bowl T-Bar lift to get to some of the most exhilarating terrain on the mountain. Choose from varying degrees of double-black runs, such as Brill’s Thrill, Stampede or Humbug.

Peak 9

The Windows take a little hiking to get there, but the bounty is a tight tree run with less crowds.

Peak 10

After you take the Falcon SuperChair and descend the Burn, you will quickly find out where this trail gets its name from. It’s a playground for those who like their terrain to get gradually steeper.

Don’t forget that, as a valued guest of Lodge by The Blue, you can rent your winter sports equipment for less, and have it delivered right to your door. Summit Stage Transit System operates free buses that take you to and from key locations in the area.

What is your favorite Breckenridge trail for skiing or snowboarding?

Photos courtesy of GoBreck.

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