Find Your Favorite Winter Activity in Breckenridge

Maybe you were a little intimidated watching the Winter Games athletes doing their parallel slalom or Super-G. Whether you set new records on the slopes or not, Lodge by The Blue and surrounding Breckenridge, Colorado, is a welcoming destination for experienced and beginner athletes alike.

Are you ready to take a break from skiing and snowboarding, but still want snow and ice to be your playground? These seasonal activities may become your new favorite.

Is it hiking? Is it cross-country skiing? Snowshoeing is best described as a combination of the two. Once you are used to your slightly silly walk due to the enlarged footprint, it’s quick and easy to master. For added balance, consider using snow poles.

Ice Skating
Sure, skating is a Winter Game discipline, but you don’t have to perform Axel jumps or set a new lap record at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena. What you can do is skate at your leisure, play some ice hockey or participate in games during the freestyle hours.

Fat tire biking is a Breck favorite.

Fat Tire Biking
A little bit of snow doesn’t keep Breck’s bike faithfuls away from the trails. On the contrary, the snow-packed trails are an excellent opportunity to bring out your Fat Bike. According to “it’s like riding a bike and a horse at the same time.” If that didn’t sell it to you, check out our previous blog post on the topic.

Ice Fishing
Fresh and frozen may sound like total opposites, but that is not the case when you go ice fishing on Lake Dillon. As long as you have a (one-day) license, you are on track to catch your next meal. Big Ed’s will keep you comfortable in their heated huts, and will even fillet your salmon, trout or char at no additional cost.

Sleigh Riding
Does snow make the world look better, more romantic even? If you answered “yes” to that question, then you are going to love Golden Horseshoe Tours. Whether you prefer the One-Horse Open Sleigh Ride, Mining Camp Dinner Tour or Scenic Sleigh Ride, you’ll see the enchanting side of Breckenridge.

With so many winter activities at hand, a classic such as sledding might get overlooked. If you are in for some old-fashioned fun for the whole family, look no further then sledding at Carter Park, which is located just behind Main Street, Breckenridge.

Ice Climbing
As with the Fat Tire Bikes, Colorado embraces its seasonal varieties in ice climbing. Wield that axe and conquer that icefall. This unique experience is challenging, but equally rewarding.

Whether you want to venture out on your own pace, or prefer exploring the Continental Divide with a guide, riding a snowmobile will take your adventure to new heights. Over 50 miles of stunning trails will provide you with equally breathtaking views.

There are several places to enjoy dogsledding in Colorado.

Dog Sledding
If any winter activity in Breckenridge can put a big smile on your face, it’s dog sledding. Whether you are in control of the huskies, enjoy the unbridled enthusiasm of the dogs or just take pictures to capture the moment, you won’t forget this experience any time soon.

Apres Skiing
While this activity literally stands for “the social activities and entertainment after a day’s skiing,” any of the previous activities lend themselves to a night on the town. Breckenridge has many pubs, bars and watering holes where you can look back on your exciting day in the snow. And if you happen to fancy a drink closer to home, Happy Hour at our Myla Rose Saloon will be a great start to your evening.

Will you set your skis or board aside for a day to try something new? Which activity would you choose?