Culture in Colorado: Explore the Breckenridge Arts District

If you visit Breckenridge, chances are you’re there to ski or enjoy other outdoor adventure in the Rocky Mountains. But visitors are often pleasantly surprised by the arts and culture scene that can be found in this ski town.

Next time you visit Lodge by The Blue, take a day to explore the relatively new Breckenridge Arts District. BreckCreate developed the Arts District about four years ago with a mission of bringing together studios, galleries, performance spaces, historic landmarks, public art, restaurants, cafes, and other creative businesses.

The Arts District is comprised of a network of studios, galleries, performance space, public art, restaurants and more in downtown Breckenridge. At its core is a one-acre campus of restored historic structures that now house studios and creative space.

Lodge by The Blue
Photo credit: Liam Doran, courtesy Breckenridge Creative Arts.

Fuqua Livery Stable
painting, drawing, beading

Quandary Antiques Cabin
children’s workshops

J.R. Hodges Tin Shop
studio for guest and visiting artists

Randall Barn
printmaking and textiles

Hot Shop
metalsmithing, glasswork, and encaustic painting

Lodge by The Blue
Photo credit: Liam Doran, courtesy Breckenridge Creative Arts.

Ceramic Studio
local artist studio

Little Red Shed
gas kiln and storage for kiln yard

Lodge by The Blue
Photo credit: Liam Doran, courtesy Breckenridge Creative Arts.

Kiln Yard
pitfiring, woodfiring, and raku

Ridge Street Arts Square
special events

Visitors can also catch special events, live shows and more.

Breckenridge Theater

This 137-seat theater is used for a variety of performances and houses an art gallery in its lobby.

Lodge by The Blue
Breckenridge Backstage Theatre Company

Old Masonic Hall

Old Masonic is a multi-purpose arts facility that houses visual, performing and healing arts classes and workshops and exhibition spaces.

Riverwalk Center

The Riverwalk Center houses many larger-scale events. The 750-seat heated indoor performance venue has pitched removable seating and glass doors that open onto a lawn adjacent to the Blue River.

Speakeasy Theater

The newly-renovated Speakeasy is a 150-seat state-of-the-art movie theater that screens commercial titles as well as independent and art house films.

Visit the Breckenridge Arts District and squeeze some culture into your Lodge by The Blue vacation!

COMMENT: Have you experienced the arts in Breckenridge? What do you like best?

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