Breckenridge Breaks World Record for Longest Shot Ski

As if Ullr Fest isn’t crazy enough, one more cool and zany fact has come out of this year’s festival: Breaking the world record for the longest shot ski.

There’s never a dull moment when you winter at Lodge by The Blueand here’s one more cool thing to note. In an article for The Drink Nation, contributing writer Carrie Dow explains how Breck has once again broken the shot ski record.

What is a shot ski, you might ask? It’s when a bunch (in this case many bunches) of people take a shot of alcohol off one long ski or line of skis (in this case one really long line).

Here’s a short version of how it all goes down.

  • Breckenridge Distillery registers participants who get a plastic shot glass and wristband.
  • Participants gather at the Riverwalk Center for a tutorial on how the event works.  The donated skis, which come from locals, businesses, and the ski resort, have been pre-drilled by distillery staff; one hole on each end and the back end has a screw and wing nut. 
  • Participants grab a ski take them to Main Street.
  • Participants line up their skis and screw them together tip side up. Each ski has three round pieces of Velcro on it. The plastic cups that each participant has also have Velcro. Participants put the two together
  • Participants wait for event staff to fill their shot glass with Breckenridge spearmint schnapps.
  • A Breckenridge Distillery staffer uses a measuring wheel to calculate the length of the ski for recording purposes.
  • After a countdown, the people on the ends wait until those in the middle lift their skis and everyone follows suit.
  • Everyone takes the shot and it’s over in seconds.

This year’s shot ski was 1,301 feet long, breaking last year’s record of 1,250 feet, and had 831 people take the shot, keeping Breckenridge at the world record* status yet again.

After this feat of cooperation and timing is accomplished, the Ullr Fest proceeds as usual.

Would you participate in the shot ski next year? Tell us about your favorite winter festival events in the comments below.

*This is not a Guinness World Record because Guinness does not recognize alcoholic events, however, this is considered an official world record that no other town has been able to beat.

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