A New Way to Bike in Colorado: Fat Biking 101

There’s a new sport taking the trails by storm. Bundled up like skiers but riding like mountain bikers, “fat bikers” have found a great new way to enjoy the snow.

The name comes from the wide (fat) tires on the bikes they ride, and if you find yourself intrigued on your next visit to Lodge by The Blue, here’s what you need to know to get started.

The Bike

You can’t do it without the bike, so that’s step one. The shops in town that rent fat bikes include:

Avalanche Sports
Alpine Sports
Gold Run Nordic Center
Breck Bike Guides

It’s probably best to ask the experts about which model will work best for how much biking you want to do and where.

“There’s a variety of fat bike options on the market, with models that include front suspension, better components, range of tire sizes, seat droppers, and more. Be sure to talk with the bike shop staff about your ability level and what style riding you are looking to do and they will help you choose the right fat bike!” –Elizabeth Miller for GoBreck.com 

The Gear

First and foremost, always wear a helmet (mountain bike works) and bring gloves (like these) and water. Other high-performance gear you’ll need includes:

Hat: A light weight beanie to wear under the helmet
Face Buff: For cold days, to cover neck, chin, ears, and cheeks
Shoes: Heavy duty winter cycling shoes or hiking boots
Shoe Covers: These can help keep your feet warm, which are probably going to get pretty cold.
Jacket: Depending on the temperature, a softshell or other breathable material
Pants: Ski pants may be too heavy, so find a lightweight, breathable option.
Layer Up: You’ll be cold, then hot, then cold again so be sure you have enough layers to accommodate.
Backpack: To carry layers, water and a snack

Where to Ride

Since a packed-down trail makes it easier to ride, find a trail frequented by dog walkers, skiers and other riders for best results. One tip given is to let air out of your tires if you feel them slipping on climbs. You can get away with much lower tire pressure to up a fat bike’s grip factor.

Here are some popular fat bike trails:

Gold Run Nordic Center
B&B Trailhead – Turk’s Trail, B&B Trail, X10U8, Minnie Mine
Sally Barber Mine Trail 
Peaks Trail

You can also take a guided tour, great for beginners that want to learn the sport. CBST Adventures, Breck Bike Guides, and Gold Run Nordic Center are a few that offer tours.

Biking and Beer

For a little extra warmth on trail, add beer! Beer & Bike Tours and Bike & Brews Fat Bike Tour are exactly what they sound like (but you should probably master the bike part before adding the beer).

Ready to take on fat biking? Get your gear and make your reservations at Lodge by The Blue!

COMMENT: Would you try (or have you tried) fat biking?

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