6 Awesome Things that Can Happen to Skiers

Most skiers consider any day on the slopes a good day, but expert Shauna Farnell, a writer for Breckenridge.com, says there are some things that take your day on the slopes from “good” to “phenomenal”.

Next time you visit Lodge by The Blue, we hope the luck of the ski gods is upon you and you get to experience one or more of Shauna’s “skiers’ blessings”.

Fresh Snow Followed by Sun

This apparently doesn’t happen often. The only time of year there’s a high propensity for snow followed by sun is in the early spring (March). The reason it’s so great is the sheer beauty of freshly fallen snow twinkling under the sun. Plus, skiing is probably a great deal nicer with the sun helping warm your soul.

“There is no greater ‘Best’ than starting your day with the magical combination of fresh powder gleaming under the rays of sun.”

Fresh Tracks

If you ever wondered what riding a cloud feels like, getting to be the first to put your skis on fresh powder comes pretty close. You have to get up early to be the first, but achieving a “face shot” (when untouched soft powder erupts up from your skis into your face) is worth waking up for.

“Skimming silently over an untouched white blanket as the soft shower of powder erupts upon the trail you’re blazing … is as close as you’ll ever come to riding a cloud.”

Stepping Up Your Game

The name of the game here is taking on that intimidating challenge. Tackling a harder run, stomping a trick in the park (Google says this means coming out of a move and landing super solid) or whatever it is you thought you couldn’t do, when you accomplish it, your confidence grows.

“We all want to improve as people … especially in something we love.”

Meeting Cool People on the Lift

You already start out with some things in common: You all love skiing and you’re about to soar way up into the air together. Let the bonding begin – your lift mate might end up being your soul mate!

“The bonding that can happen in the 5 to 10-minute span of a chairlift ride is miraculous.”

Feeling a Oneness

Between the camaraderie with others, the sheer thrill of the action on a powder day, and the awesomeness of being this close to some of nature’s greatest forces, you can’t help but get a feeling of peace and awareness of a higher power or greater good.

“It’s that warm sensation that we are in fact, all of the same blood – at least here in this happy snow globe.”

Fresh Tracks at 3 p.m.

Maybe you don’t need that alarm after all. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence. However, if you’re adventurous, you can do some exploring and might come across some glorious untouched powder.

“Take a hike up to the summit of Peak 6, out to the Lake Chutes or up the road along the ridge of Peak 9 and there the gleaming ray of light will fall upon it … the treasure of pure tracks that is yours to swim through feet first.”

On your next ski trip to Lodge by The Blue, take a moment to appreciate the miracle of time on the slopes and challenge yourself to try fun new things.

COMMENT: What’s the one thing you always hope for when you hit the slopes?

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